Computing Interests

I'm a charter member and past president of the Minnesota Astronomical Society . I founded the MAS Seti Group. I'm also done some Amateur (HAM) Radio (callsign N0QBJ). I'm the Amateur Radio TCP/IP Address Coordinator for the State of Minnesota

My computing experience goes back to the final days of TTY 33's, Sperry1004's, Card Punches and Cyber Mainframes. My first micro was a Radio Shack Model 1 with 12k level 2 FP basic and 4k of ram. I progressed from there to a Tandy Color Computer(CoCo, 6809 based) and discovered my first real multitasking micro based operating system OS9. These days I spend more time on Unix. The SVR4 variant known as Esix occupied much of my time and I used it to co-create the core of the Oninternet server. Currently work on debian and VMWare occupies most of my computing time.

Here's a list of OS used recently:
Debian Linux (on Intel x86, general purpose servers) 
Ubuntu Linux (on AMD64, general purpose servers) 
Mac OSX best unix based desktop IMO and 
AIX ( 5.2.x previously used on a cool box for the corporate web server) 

last modified Thu, Jan 24, 2013