Amateur Packet Radio IP Address Coordination

I'm currently the amateur IP address coordinator for Minnesota, USA. The assigned nets are 44.94.x.x. Addresses in Minnesota are allocated by region and frequency. We subnet the addresses so that all users in an area on the same frequency are in the same IP address subnet. 

To get an address, hit the email button and send me your frequency and area info. If you are in an area which already has users, it helps me if you let me know so I can get you on their subnet.

Get the MINNESOTA domain and hosts files from the internet or from the amprnet

I am also the trustee for a couple of amprnet/internet gateways in Minneapolis. These are:

TCMAN gateway on 449.40/444.40 at 9600 baud. Directly connected to and handles most of the rest of

Twinslan gateway on 145.11/144.51 at 9600 baud and 430.150 at 9600 baud.

If you have questions about these gateways or need to setup a gateway in Minnesota, hit the email button and let me know.

last modified Fri, Apr 30, 2004