A Short Biography

I'm a University of Minnesota graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and was working on a Computer Science degree when I met up with J.River which was a mighty small outfit at the time. I created a small stir in small circles with the DEJAVU terminal emulator which forms the core of the ICE.TCP and ICE.TEN packages. 30 years later, I'm still there! I'm currently managing all of the IT tasks at JRiver as well as coding in C++ (Windows, Mac and Linux) for the flagship product JRiver Media Center

I'm a past member of the board of the North Country Coop and a past President of the Minnesota Astronomical Society.

I get a good workout (40 miles a week ) biking to and from work and enjoy playing volleyball at the YMCA.

My favorite music is that of the German composer Gustav Mahler however I enjoy many other musical genres.

Favorite personalities and writers are Everyone at the GrayZone, Jim Northrup (Walking the Rez Road and Rez Road Follies), Winona LaDuke (Last Standing Woman), Cornel West (Race Matters), Howard Zinn (Peoples History of the United States), Noam Chomsky (What Uncle Sam Really Wants), Vijay_Prashad and Everyone at Black Agenda Report.

last modified Thursday, Aug 26 2021